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The club has teams from Under 6 to Under 16, a Girls team and 2 Youth teams.

Under 6s do not play matches, as per FA guidelines, but training sessions give the children a good introduction to The Beautiful Game.

From Under 7 to Under 10 the teams do play matches, but results are not published and so are deemed non-competitive by the FA. Matches conform to "mini soccer" guidelines, with 2 teams of 6 or 7 playing 2 matches of 10-15 minutes each way. Rules are simplified (e.g. no off-side) and the matches are designed to get the children playing football.

Under 11 & 12 play a new format 9-a-side with basic offside rule but the results are not published. 

From Under 13 onwards, full rules apply, and matches move to 11 a side.

Whatever the age or skill level of your child, Prestwood Colts and/Panthers have a team to help your child to improve their skills and understanding of the game, and meet other children from the local community.

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